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Shamballa MDH®

A course were you will undergo a transformative recalibration process preparing you for the New Paradigm of Oneness.

Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing®

The central core of Shamballa is Love--Love and Freedom. Love for oneself and an

innate knowingness of one's connection with Mother/Father God and all of Creation.

Freedom from all that stands in the way of that knowingness. Freedom to know who

you are, and to step into your Power, to step into your Mastery.

In a Shamballa workshop you will experience meditations designed to help you to clear away all of the old emotional debris you have been carrying around through lifetimes. Then you will be filled with the energies of Shamballa and connected to the source of those energies, so that you may call upon them whenever you will. The main purpose of these clearings and initiations are for your own evolutionary development.

Shamballa MDH® - Basic Master Healer

In this course you’ll learn how to give an energy treatment to Self, others and increase your present healing ability. You will undergo a recalibration process in which lifetimes of energetic ‘debris’ is removed from your system: the physical, emotional and mental. Limiting energies, believes, conditioning, hurt and pain that create stress and negatively affect the flow of energy will be transmuted and replaced by the Mahatma energy of unconditional Love. This workshop will increase your healing abilities as a therapist and is aimed to bring about a shift in consciousness resulting in more love, calm and peace in your own life. ​Additionally it brings you a great technique to manage stress! ​ This workshop is a journey into a New Paradigm where ultimately suffering is replaced by the joy of Oneness - the underlying principle of all that is.

For who is this workshop?

Gifted or not, everybody can act as a medium and channel healing energies to help those in need. Working with higher vibratory energies will bring healing and balance on multiple levels such as, the physical, emotional and mental. Working ​with these energies directly or indirectly, just by ​y​our presence​ you will ​already have a positive affect ​on ​the clients healing process. Whether we work as a massage therapist, psychotherapist, energy worker, yoga teacher, nurse, reiki master, ​in an office ​or a​s​ ​a ​mother managing her family. ​Fundamentally, the more we are balanced and function from a heart-centered state of consciousness, ​the better will be our life and ​the more we can help others and positively affect change, whether this manifests as ​increasing abundance, well-being, ​peace, calm, love or curing disease.​​

Content of the workshop

Philosophy of Shamballa Emotions and Disease  Release & Clearance of Karma and old unresolved emotions How to Create & Co-create your life Activation Mahatma energy & 352 symbols of Shamballa MDH Love & Fear Develop your mediumship Peace of Mind Letting go of Old patterns and Believe Systems Channelling energy to balance yourself and others Stepping into your Mastery Implant & Entity removal Meditation DNA Clearings & Antahkarana activation Ascension Meditation (activation & treatment)
journey to increasing health, wellness & happiness