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Reiki Courses

World renowned system for growth, healing self and others. Developed originaly by Mikao Usui in the 1920’s. During the last 100 years or so, many forms of energy healing have emerged, which also use the word Reiki in their name. Some related others not.
path to increasing health, wellness & happiness

Usui Reiki Master

The system of Usui Reiki originally contains 3 levels. Level I, II and III (Reiki Master) Two-day workshop level I and II Two-day workshop for level III, Reiki Master Place: Geneva (Switzerland) Dates: Only on request

Karuna Reiki® Master

The system of Karuna Reiki as taught by W. Rand. Class for advanced Reiki practioners (minimum requirement attunements level I & II Usui Reiki) It is complete with two levels, two attunements, four master symbols and eight treatment symbols. Two-day workshop Price : 400CHF. Place: Geneva (Switzerland) Dates: Only on request.

Okuna Reiki®

System developed by Mirta Larrea from Argentina in 2002. It is complete with two levels. Place: Geneva (Switzerland) Dates: Only on request

Shambhala Oneness

Program: Activation/Attunement 8 symbols into Shambhala Oneness, Balancing Electric & Magnetic energies (Male/Female), Reconnection link with Earth & Universal Consciousness, Law for Manifestation (Growth & Success), Developing Intuition, Balancing Inner and Outer truth, Re-integrating Soul splinters, Twin-flame (transmute old energies, old believe systems), Healing the Unconscious, Raising Consciousness towards the flowering of the heart, How to use energy for Self and Others (practical application), Two-day workshop Place: Geneva (Switzerland) Dates: Only on request