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Healing & Therapy in Genève

Therapy from a holistic point of view looks at the human being as a whole. We are not a merely a mechanical creature with only a physical body but a complex being composed of various aspects which are inter-related.

Disease & Health in the Subtle Bodies

The subtle energy field in and around our body is the “aura” (meaning ‘breath of air’ in Greek). Just as the earth has a magnetic field, our body has an auric field. Our aura consists of several bodies such as the mental body, the emotional body and spiritual body. These bodies are invisible to the human eye, but visible for the clairvoyant by the 3rd eye. Although for most of us these subtle bodies are not visible we often do feel it, perhaps not completely aware of it. We all know situations where the presence of someone makes us feel great or somewhat uncomfortable. This aura or energy field extends a few meters around us. During the day we interact energetically many times with many people. Especially for sensitive people this can be very challenging. Our thoughts and emotions have physical counterparts in the subtle body. These thoughts consist of subtle substance not yet measured by science. Thought-forms are habitual thought patterns taking concrete shape in and around our body. Similarly this is the case with unresolved and suppressed emotions. These old thought-forms, habits and unresolved feelings and emotions block the flow of energy and thus create off balance. Over time this decreased flow of energy (life force) can affect our physical body, leading to more or less severe health issues. The good news is that it can be healed.

Techniques & Treatment

Subtle energy work can help us to return to a balanced state on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even socially, independent of our age or health situation. In general what we see when working with subtle higher energies is a fast reduction of tension, liberation of pain and feelings of agitation and unrest. Receivers often report that they sleep better and that their digestion improves. Often people feel immediately much better, more energetic and peaceful. Other benefits such as enhanced motivation, less depressed feelings or lessening of the negative side effects as a result of chemo therapy or radiation vary from person to person. On the contrary to conventional medicine, energy work doesn’t attack the disease. Energy work on our physical and subtle bodies supports overall well-being and enhances our natural ability to heal by returning to a state of balance. During a treatment several techniques are combined to balance body, mind and soul to give you optimal result and benefit.

Benefits from Healing therapy

Eliminate toxins and toxic conditions from your body and mind Restore your constitutional balance, improving health and wellness Strengthen your immune system and becoming more resistant to illness Reverse the negative effects of stress on your body and mind thereby slowing down the aging process Enhance your awareness, self- reliance, strength, energy, vitality and mental clarity Bring about deep relaxation and sense of well-being
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