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About me

Robert Jonkers works as a holistic therapist and healer, aiming to bring back into balance the various aspects of our being - physical, mental, emotional. He also facilitates courses for  growing consciousness, exploring the inner dimensions of life.

Robert Jonkers

A depression/burn out made him go on a quest for self healing, looking for the true cause of the problem and purpose of life. It was during this journey that the problem (Highly Sensitive Person) turned out to be the greatest gift and led to the discovering of his talent for the healing arts. Over a period of 6 years he lived and travelled extensively throughout South-America, particularly Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay where he was trained by several healers and therapists. He studied at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, USA and was trained at the Oneness University in India. At the present time he provides therapy sessions and facilitates courses for healing, spiritual growth and personal development.


Do you have questions or would you like to know if I can help you? Please call for an appointment or send an email. T. +41 76 248 30 49 E. info@guerison-geneve.com
journey to increasing health, wellness & happiness
“What makes this work so rewarding for me is the smile of someone who feels relaxed and finds peace again. An alleviation or total healing of hurt and or painful symptomes - on a physical, emotional and mental level.” Robert Jonkers