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Healing & Spiritual Awakening

It is not a coincidence that you found this website. Most likely you are looking for a healer, a therapist - a form of healing, therapy. Perhaps you want to deepen or explore the spiritual dimension of life.

New Paradigm

A new consciousness is emerging on our

planet. Old ways of thinking are making way

for a more heart-centered approach, where we

acknowledge and recognize that we are all

connected. This shift in consciousness will

bring about true peace, joy and direction in a

seemingly chaotic and directionless world.

“Re-connect to the Wisdom of the Heart.

Two days of intense transformation,

release, laughter   and joy.”

Course: 23 & 24 June 2018 SHAMBALLA MULTI-DIMENSIONAL HEALING® - Basic Master Healer Philosophy of Shamballa Emotions and Disease  Release & Clearance of Karma and old unresolved emotions How to Create & Co-create your life Activation Mahatma energy & 352 symbols of Shamballa MDH Love & Fear Develop your mediumship Peace of Mind Letting go of Old patterns and Believe Systems Channelling energy to balance yourself and others Stepping into your Mastery Implant & Entity removal Meditation DNA Clearings & Antahkarana activation Ascension Meditation (activation & treatment)

Organized and taught by Robert Jonkers and

Maïté Laurençon in Geneva. Registration by

email SVP.

About Robert

“What makes this work so rewarding is the smile of someone who feels relaxed and finds peace again. An alleviation or total healing of hurt and or painful symptomes - on a physical, emotional and mental level.” Read more.
journey to increasing health, wellness & happiness
What can I as a Healer & Magnetizer bring to you?  This healing work is not always easy to explain or to understand. My experience over the past years have learned me that many health challenges benefit from this type of healing & therapy, and find positive improvement. Often direct and within 6 months you will most certainly notice a positive change in your life. Below you find some of the things that I treat regularly: - Depression / Burn out - Physical pain (e.g. fybromyalgia) - Stress - Trauma - Hyper sensitivity - Fear and Anxiety    Philosophy behind my work as a Healer & Magnetizer It is my personal experience in life that made me search for ways to heal myself. On this path to self-healing I was fortunate to travel a lot and discover many different cultures with ancient and new ways to cure and heal. This gave me a profound and deep insight in life and the Body-Mind relationship. During a healing therapy session I combine several techniques, which may vary, based upon your unique situation. Read more.   Learn how to heal yourself and others During several weekends per year I teach some of the healing techniques that I’ve learned. This is a way to develop yourself as a person, a medium and healer. Life is much more than the physical body and the sense organs through which we perceive life. If you are interested in your spiritual part; would like to accelerate your growth; step into your power; love yourself more and create the life you want - these courses have this transformative effect. A true gift to yourself. Read more.    Workshops Once the heart opens we'll discover true love and true compassion. Inner conflict ceases and naturally we'd start to attract life situations and people that reflect this inner state. The flowering of the heart would help manifest greater prosperity, and opportunities for growth. It would attract nurturing relationships, people that love, respect and honor you for what you are. When our consciousness is capable of perceiving unity, rather than divisiveness then our body itself functions very differently. The body would heal much faster. Most medicine would work and even without treatment the body would heal itself.  “Join us towards greater connectivity, greater love              and greater oneness.”  The Oneness Awakening Course A transformational, inward journey from living in ‘i-consciousness’ to            ‘one-consciousness’.  This evolution in consciousness naturally results in healing, setting right relationships and solutions to mundane problems.  More...    Interested ? Do you have questions or would you like to know if I can help you? Please call for an appointment or send an email.  T. +41 76 248 30 49 E. info@guerison-geneve.com More Info More Info ENGLISH FRANÇAIS NEDERLANDS Home ENGLISH